Sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

Soon after that Sasuke left the I love to write Lemons for people and with some of my stories please click on this link its my quizilla account feel free to. Browse through and read thousands of sasuke reader stories and [LEMON] — There are Sasuke Uchiha a heart throb of konoha high wanted by all girls used to be. Hey there everyone! I am new, I am originally from but got sick of all my lemon storys being banned so I am still there account is Near. Read Three-some! Kakashi and Tenzo~~ from the story Naruto lemons by snow_velez8 with 7, reads. obito, sasuke, lemon. Hi my name is Hatsu I have purple hair.

You took a deep breath and sighed. Sasuke put his arm over her legs, one of his hands sliding up her thigh, "You feel nice, too," Sasuke said, smirk in place, slurring a little less than Naruto. He gently lay his fingers against your chin and turned your face to him.

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As they finally approched me, Naruto was threating all those pathetic fan boys that follow me everywhere. Created by Lovepain on Monday, June 13, Tagged: Crystallovespires 26 June at Most everyone else had taken off, either alone or in pairs, to who knows where.

Sasuke's head was burrowed in my neck although you could hear the occasional "ooh god" or "fuck". He went deep but slow but I wanted him to pick up the pace.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

He noticed you strain a bit, "Okay, you can relax. Gently at first, he began moving, thrusting in and out at a slow pace.

They were pretty bad, those rogue ninja really roughed you up. Just as you were taking in his handsome facial features he came in and pressed his lips against yours.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

He lightly licked and kissed up your leg and into the inside of your thigh. His hand left your chin and traveled down your chest to your stomach and back up, stopping to grab a breast firmly in his hand.

Once my blush cleared I looked up at Sasuke. It was a small shock to your senses as his tongue flickered out over your clit.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

Follow/Fav Hate That I love You Sasuke Uchiha Oneshot Lemon. He explored my mouth yet again not leaving one spot untouvhed by his tounge.

He kept glancing over at you and he really couldn't help his mind from racing given the circumstances.

Celebration, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

This term is usually kizu-doujinshi-download-sasuke-x-naruto. I posted a new journal entry on Quizilla saying that I'm now taking requests for emoliciousquizilla. Three - He was reading Icha Icha Paradise.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

In heat A kiba Lemon. Sasuke smirked, then continued licking her ass, making Sakura let out small mews of pleasure.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

Your hands investigated his bare body, tracing over his definitions and battle wounds. His kisses roamed down your belly and he paused to take his shirt off.

Your back slightly arched and he came to a stop. He silently watched you as you breathed deeply, steadily inhaling and exhaling.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

CachedSasuke lemons quizilla 3-some Quizilla, sasuke s hot sister. He completely surprised you, this wasn't like him at all. I closed my eyes and put my arms around his neck.

By: (on Quizilla) Name: Hikari Aino. Neither Sasuke nor Naruto made any move to remove the rest of their clothes. I put my hand down there and started to pump slowly. You had been training under Kakashi for some time now. I'm not sure, but leave me reviews, let me know! But he is mine lol just joking!! Okay, so I am also a user from Quizilla and with the recent ban on lemons, I decided to come here.

Naruto, his hand still wrapped in her hair, tilted her head to the side, where he took over kissing her.

Cachedclassic beauty quizilla kiba quizilla lemon quizilla lemons freemovies journals. I felt pain in my lowere regions.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

He moaned my name out loudly and I could feel his memeber tense up and release his juices. She arched her back, moaning again.

Age: Sasuke looked down at Hikari and smirked as he. He growled at me and bit my bottom lip and continued to kiss me. He kissed up my legs then my thighs and then he kissed the centre of my panties. Sasuke must of reliased I figured it out because he got up from the bench and put his cold lips on mine.Browse through and read thousands of sasuke reader stories and [LEMON] — There are Sasuke Uchiha a heart throb of konoha high wanted by all girls used to be. His other was playing with my red hair.

He took your finger in his mouth all the way to the knuckle and used his teeth to grab onto the cloth of your glove and pull it up.

stories/lemons: Rehabilitation? Another Kakashi one shot

I turned around only to see Naruto,Hinata and Sasuke. I especially would like to read alot of toby keith stories like this. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. It must have been the new body wash he overheard you raving to Kurenai about. You couldn't help but give him a sexy, seductive look.


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